Classics of Recent Philosophy

Works of Philosophers from 20th Century till Now

All the philosophical classics we collect here are free for anyone. The purpose of our collection is to facilitate those who are interested in philosophy everywhere in the world. We are cautious about the copy right of these e-texts. If anyone has any problem concerning this matter, please contact us and we will response as soon as possible. We also welcome anyone who will provide new e-texts for us that are not in our homepages.

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bullet1 James (William James) 1842–1910

A Pluralistic Universe


The Meaning Of Truth

The Varieties of Religious Experience


bullet2 Nietzsche (Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche) 1844-1900

Beyond Good And Evil

Human, All Too Human

On the Genealogy of Morals

The Antichrist

The Birth of Tragedy

Thus Spake Zarathustra

Twilight of The Idols


bullet3 Bergson (Henri Bergson) 1859–1941

Laughter : an essay on the meaning of the comic


bullet4 Dewey (John Dewey) 1859-1952

Democracy and Education


bullet5 Santayana (George Santayana) 1863- 952

The Life of Reason


bullet6 Croce (Benedetto Croce) 1866-1952

Aesthetic as Science of Expression and General Linguistic

Historical materialism and the economics of Karl Marx


bullet7 Russell (Betrand Russell) 1872-1970

Political ideals

Proposed Roads to Freedom

The Analysis of mind

The Problem of China

The Problems of Philosophy


bullet8 Trotzky (Leon Trotsky) 1879-1940

From October to Brest- Litovsk


bullet9 Wittgenstein (Ludwig Wittgenstein) 1889-1951

Tractatus Logico- Philosophicus