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Online H.K. Directory of Philosophical Papers

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The aim of setting up this page is to facilitate philosophical researchers to search philosophical papers by internet. This page has only links of web pages. All the pages are not kept in our server except those published by our society. If you want to have links of your papers here, please contact with us. Moreover, if you have opinion about this page, including suggestions of add up or removal of  pages, reports of wrong or outdated pages etc., please inform us, too.

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The papers kept here include the philosophical papers that kept in the internet of H.K., or those that kept in other places but are written by H.K. researchers in philosophy.

What we mean " H.K. researchers in philosophy" is in a vaque sense. It means those who are born in H.K. or live in H.K. for a long time, or those live overseas but have published papers in H.K.

If a paper has been published in various webs, including the web of our society, we will first choose the U.R.L. of HKSHP homepages as path. Secondly, we will choose the U.R.L. of homepages that have higer academic status and larger scale.

If a paper is published more than a page, we will only choose the first page as path.

This directory keeps Chinses and English papers, both in ascending order.


Copy rigths are resersed for the authors or the institutions concerned.


Online H.K. Directory of Chinese Philosophical Papers

Online H.K. Directory of English Philosophical Papers


Page Editor:Lau Kwai Piu

  Update date:2007/12/24

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